Best home rowing machine

Rowing machines, also referred to as ergo meters, work a distinct group of muscles without putting tension on your joints. The idea of an ergo meter is to simulate the motions used when rowing a boat on water. They are used for everyday fitness as well rowing motion training. The machines are equipped with stationary foot rests and mobile seats and handlebars. The complete motion will extend your legs and arms with the desired amount of tension to pull against, while working your core.

As with treadmills and elliptical, rowing machines offer the same great cardio benefits without the strain on your joints and muscles. When used properly, a rowing machine has the ability to tone muscles in the legs, arms, core and back. Row, row, row your way to fitness with an indoor rowing machine. While you’ve likely seen them in a gym, most people have not tried a rowing machine for daily or weekly workouts.

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