Color adjustment in the image

Color adjustment in the image properly

To color adjustment in the image, you first need to know the color. Color is the integrated form of the light reservoir. The picture looks beautiful and bad because of more or less light. For this, you have to adjust the color in the image properly.

Adobe Photoshop plays an important role in correctly adjusting colors in images. The Color adjustment in the image of Adobe Photoshop CS6 is a great feature that provides a quick and easy way to fix a light. Many people use a lot of commands to do this. It is possible to do this according to the needs of anyone.

Adobe Photoshop’s smart brush tools and detailed smart brush tools apply tonal and color combinations to specific areas of an image. Certain effects can also be applied using these tools. You simply choose a preset adjustment. This feature gives you the flexibility to work with your photos. So, Adobe Photoshop plays an important role in color adjustment in the picture.

When you apply the smart brush tool, it similarly selects one based on color and texture. You can adjust the shade, highlight, color, and contrast. Apply color to your image, add texture, and apply various photographic effects. The color adjustment in the image is mentioned by applying a few notable commands below.

01. Very easy technique.

  • Use:
    • Dodge tool
    • Burn tool

02. Very good technique.

  • Use:
    • Curves
    • Levels
    • Brightness/contrast

03. Very soft light technique.

  • Use:
    • Mast (mask click)
    • Soft light

04. Very difficult technique

  • Use:
    • Curves
    • Levels
    • Group
    • Mask (ctrl+E)
    • Masking (Alt+mask click)
    • Brush tool

05. Very high technique.

  • Use:
    • Pen tool
    • Layer
    • Curves


Levels The picture uses different subjects to adjust the color correctly. Many people use online tools. Some users do not like working with online tools. However, it is very easy to use. Many people use the same rules to color adjustment in the image properly. A graphic designer uses his skills to accurately color adjustments in the image.

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