Men fashion dress

A full head of ungraded hair and a body that stays in shape with unfair ease goes a long way in fashion. Enjoy them while you have them. Apart from the physical advantages, the “young” look is defined by experimentation, variety, and a touch of aggressiveness as far as bucking the traditional look goes.

Young men can usually wear just about any style as long as they’re willing to really own it. That means no half-measures funky, bright-colored trousers mean a mix-and-match look in the rest of the outfit; don’t pair them with plain black dress shoes and a pressed white dress shirt. You’ll just confuse people.

Youth is about experimenting. If you’re the guy who always wears khakis and polo, you’re doing young wrong. Play around a little. I’ve never met a stylish young man who didn’t have a wide variety of tops and trousers to say nothing of accessories in the closet. You want an outfit that can be described in one word. This is good advice for all ages, but especially helpful for young men, whose wardrobes tend to be more varied. If you’re looking like a little from each all at once you probably need to change some items around.

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